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Francis E. Walter Re-Evaluation Study

Overview On September 25th, 2019 an agreement was signed to re-evaluate the management and use of water storage in the Francis E. Walter (F.E.W.) Dam on the Lehigh River. This has the potential to significantly impact and alter recreation and the ecological health of the Lehigh River for generations to come. This also presents an opportunity to address major issues which are holding the Lehigh fishery back from become a world class wild trout destination. The study is being managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), who own and manage F.E.W Dam. New York City (NYC) is the primary non-Federal sponsor ($1.4 million) along with Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) ($25,000). The DRBC & NYC wish to explore allocating water storage in the F.E.W Reservoir for use in the Delaware River basin flow plan. Currently the DRBC can only request storage (up to 1392’) in F.E.W Reservoir when drought conditions are declared, otherwise water storage in the reservoir is up to the discretion of USACE for flood control, recreation, and conservation uses. UACE Study Information Page DBRC Letter to the Army of Civil Works DRBC Letter to USACE Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission Letter View the the Jan 9th Public Meeting

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