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Everybody Needs a Crutch Some Time

What do you fall back on when it seems like nothing you do is putting fish in the net? The Susquehanna River and Juniata River's can produce big numbers of fish that are off the charts with many days putting fish in the net that are 18 inches or better. While an average day can produce anywhere between 25-85 fish some days produce less and some days produce more give or take. It's always great to have easy fishing and it's awesome when the stars align and everything just seems to come together but what do you fall back on when nothing seems to work?

I've had days where I have completely emptied my fly boxes out to figure out what the fish will eat consistently. Some days you pick a fish up here and there on Clouser Minnow's, Murdich Minnows, Swingin Ds, Drunk and Disorderlys, Wooly Buggers, Lefty Kreh Red and White Hackle Flies, Kreelex both topwater and subsurface, bass bullies, Boogle Bugs, Topwater gurglers, etc... when nothing seems to be producing fish in big numbers my crutch that I fall back on is poppers and gurglers. I go to the edges of the river and pop the banks or I look for structure and grass beds and pop along the edges of ambush points or holding lies. While popping the edges of structure and the banks may not always produce the numbers it consistently produces some of the biggest fish that my boat sees. What crutches do you fall back on in fly fishing? What is your "go to" when nothing seems to work?

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