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Fishing Report for the Lehigh River and Central, Pennsylvania

Lehigh River Fishing Report:

Current Lehigh River Conditions:

Time: 0700

Date: 3/23/2022

Current Gate: 6.00’ cg

Anticipated Change: N/C

Pool Elevation: 1328.05’

Inflow: 980cfs

Outflow: 1763cfs

Rockport: 2215cfs

Weekend Flow: 400cfs

Precipitation: 0.00”

24 Hr QPF: <1.00”

72 Hr QPF: <1.00”

U/S Temperature: 41.6°F

D/S Temperature: 45.7°F

The majority of the snow melt has run its course in the Lehigh River system. Snow melt up north made for some challenging fishing conditions. The air temperatures are starting to warm up and the water temperatures are slowly creeping up into the optimal ranges. We've been seeing hatches of Bwos, early black stoneflies and some quill gordons. In a few days from now we should start to see some Hendricksons. Fish have been willing to eat streamers. Best colors have been pearl and white for streamers. Hot flies have been perdigons, pheasant tails and small stimulators. Fishing should be getting really good really soon!

Central, Pennsylvania Report:

Penn's Creek USGS 601 CFS

Penn's Creek is still a little bit on the high side. Floating is an option at this time. Hot patterns have been small black leech patterns, rubber leg stoneflies, and larger streamer patterns like Drunk and Disorderlies and Double Deceivers. Quill Gordons and Hendrickson's should start hatching within the next couple weeks.

Spring Creek USGS 319 CFS

Spring Creek has been fishing really well. Hatches of Bwos and midges have been good. Hot flies have been perdigons, tungsten surveryors, perdigons and rainbow warriors.

Southcentral, PA

Limestone streams:

Letort and Big Spring have both been fishing well. Hatches of Blue Winged Olives have been coming off on both creeks. Early black stoneflies have been coming off on the Letort and the fish have been eating them readily. Scuds and sowbugs have been taking decent numbers of fish on both creeks.

Private Water: Our private water has been fishing really well. The first to second week of April is one of the hottest times to fish here. That's when the blue quills start to hatch. It's a really great hatch and it usually brings out some of the biggest fish and they feed pretty aggressively. Contact us for details about this fantastic wild brown trout and wild rainbow trout fishery.

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