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Fishing Report 07/10/2018

Lehigh River: 67.8 degrees out of the dam. If you are going to fish start early and finish early before the water warms up in the afternoon. Fishing closer to the dam in White Haven would be the best choice. If it were me I wouldn't fish at all on the Lehigh but head to one of the colder tribs like the Pohopoco, Mud Run or Hickory Run.

Lehigh Valley Limestoners: Trico's are being spotted and fish are eating them. If you are going to fish the trico hatch make sure you are there very early as the hatch starts early and finishes early. Break out your 7x and get busy!

Susquehanna River: The river is at a good flow level right now and the fish are eating Clouser Minnows, Murdich Minnows and eating Boogle Bugs on top right now. Fish are in ambush points around grass beds and rock structure. Even though the river is at a good flow level the water is discolored so fishing noisy patterns and fishing aggressively will work best.

Juniata River: The Juniata River has been running high for quite some time now but is just starting to come into it's own over the past day or two. We were out the other day and hit good numbers of fish on topwater fishing Boogle Bugs and boated a 21 inch smallmouth.

If you are interested in setting up a trip for trophy sized smallmouth bass get in touch with Nick at Wild East Outfitters at 610-500-3147 or .

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