• Nicholas Raftas

Is the Susquehanna River On A Rebound?

Wild East Outfitters Fly Fishing Guide Service over the past 5 years has personally witnessed the Susquehanna River rebound back to one of the best smallmouth bass fisheries in the United States. Catch rates are incredible with many smallmouth bass being caught on a regular basis that are in the 18 inch or better class. Most days with the fly rod we see anywhere between 20-80 bass netted and released give or take a few a here and there.

For a long time nobody was quite sure what was causing the decline in the bass population but it looks like scientists have figured out a likely culprit and that culprit is a largemouth bass virus. Their findings have shown that the bass in the river have now developed an immunity to the virus. Here is to hoping that the river continues to rebound and does not crash again. Check out the link below for more info on the Susquehanna River


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