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Lehigh River Water Temperature Gauges

As you may know the Lehigh River is a tailwater but it is still affected by thermal issues as the coldwater pool usually runs out by early to mid July every year. Although there are a lot of coldwater refuges throughout the river such as Mud Run, Hickory Run, Nesquehoning Creek, Pohopoco Creek, Black Creek, Stoney Creek and many, many more tributaries that the trout can find refuge in the main river still warms up to dangerously high levels for trout. Somehow the trout still find a way to survive and year after year the river still hosts a robust population of wild brown trout and holdover trout all stocked by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, Lehigh River Stocking Association and the 5 Mile High Club.

Two places I look at for water temperatures are on the Francis E. Walter Facebook page and the Lehigh River Stocking Associations webpage. Francis E. Walter's Facebook page provides flow data and temperatures on an almost daily basis out of the dam. Lehigh River Stocking Association has there temperature gauge at Treichlers Bridge and info can be found at .

Wild East Outfitters Fly Fishing Guide Service does not fish for trout once water temperatures hit 68 degrees. We relocate all of our guiding services to the spring creeks in the Lehigh Valley and Central, PA or we run guided drift boat trips on the Susquehanna River and the Juniata River for smallmouth bass.

If you have any questions about water quality or water temperatures you can always email us at or you can always check out Lehigh River Stocking Associations website and contact them for details. They are very involved with the river and offer an incredible wealth of knowledge on the river.

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