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Susquehanna / Juniata River Report 07/07/2018

Things have gotten a bit messy on the Susquehanna and Juniata River's lately but both rivers have fished pretty well...some days have been better than others. We have been running guide trips mainly on the Susquehanna because it has been much cleaner than the Juniata River which has been high and muddy for weeks on end. Today we drove along the Susquehanna and it looked pretty good. Clarity is okay and the flows are at a decent floating level. Smallmouth bass have been hanging around grass beds and ambush points and we have been catching them on Murdich Minnow's and Boogle Bug poppers. We have seen good numbers of smallmouth bass busting on bait fish. Throwing a Clouser Minnow or a Murdich Minnow into the mix while smallmouth are busting bait is a really fun way to catch fish.

Today we wanted a change of scenery and even though the Juniata River has been high and muddy for a while now the levels have dropped to the point where we are confident that we can get into good numbers of smallmouth bass and hopefully some big ones. We threw streamers today with very few fish boated so we switched over to poppers and put around 25 smallmouth bass in the boat in 5-6 hours with the largest running right around 21 inches long. While I run guide trips I watch those poppers closely... I hate missing that topwater eat that smallmouth bass are known so well for.

Wild East Outfitters Fly Fishing Guide Service of the Juniata River

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