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Where To Purchase Smallmouth Bass Flies?

If you mainly fly fish for trout and you'd like to break into the smallmouth bass game it may or may not be obvious as to where to get your smallmouth bass flies.

Where do we like to get our smallmouth bass flies? We have a number of different sources where we like to get our flies. One of the main places we get flies from especially some of our staple patterns is from the Orvis website. Orvis has a warm water flies section specifically devoted to bass and panfish. You can click the link here

Bass, & Panfish Flies for Fly Fishing | Orvis to find bass flies. Clouser Minnows, Sneaky Petes and a variety of poppers are a good start when building up your smallmouth bass fly collection.

We have also been very pleased with the smallmouth bass patterns that are sold by Tim Holschlag of Smallmouth Anlger. You can check his website out at Smallmouth Angler. Tim is a really nice guy and loves to talk fly fishing. His patterns are tested and he has done all the leg work... they just plain catch fish. Tim sells a very cool Hare pattern and his foam poppers are fish catching machines. Drop him a line and tell him I sent you in his direction. Tim has a great mail order system set up.

Another shop that we have found that has some pretty cool smallmouth patterns is Harry Murray's Fly Shop. Harry also has some great patterns available on his website which can be viewed at Murray's Fly Shop- Fly Fishing Equipment, Gear, Guide Service, Lessons – Murray's Fly Shop - Fly Fishing Equipment, Gear, Guide Service, Schools & Classes (

Some of our favorite smallmouth bass flies on the Susquehanna are Hare patterns, Clouser Floating Minnows, Murdich Minnows, Clouser Crayfish patterns, Sneaky Petes, Murray's Madtom in olive and black, shenks white streamer, Murray's Magnum Hogsucker, Lefty Kreh's Red and White Fly, Swingin D's, and a variety of other articulated streamers.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line at or at 610-500-3147. We love to talk about fly fishing and we want to see you be successful in all of your angling pursuits. See you on the water!

Nick Raftas

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